Jenny's photo: Sunflowers and wilting tulips (sad, any advice?) from Andrey- though they weren’t wilting when we picked them out. Moisturizer and lip balm (palmers cocoa butter) are a must and an always, can’t sleep without them nearby. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil for my hair (I love, love, love the stuff). And a perfume I want to give away, any takers? Also, I think there are like 4 pitchers hidden in this photo. 

Olivia's Photo: What a boring bedside table! My awesome Nook...and the phone. We need beside lamps so badly! PS. I love the little booklight on my Nook.

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  1. Okay, so I learned this trick about tulips after Tim and my first date (he brought me tulips!). They actually keep growing after they are cut, so you have to keep trimming their ends and they stay more upright. Otherwise they get a little crazy, which can be fun, too! Flowers in a pitcher are one of my favorite things.