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Lovelies, it’s Spring cleaning time, and in this modern day and age, Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your house and home, but to your technology too! After waking up this morning to 11 emails in my inbox, all from stores, I decided it was time to clean up my email-act. Truth be told, the time of year those emails come in handy the most is during the holidays…otherwise, I don’t really have the money to shop everyday, or the time to be browsing the “amazing sales” these stores offer. So, what did I do? I decided it was time to unsubscribe. I like seeing my bank account grow and grow, and I don’t need to be adding to my already jam-packed closet (Yet, I wear only three outfits…explain that one?), so what’s the point of getting these savings emails if I’m not even using them?

To be 100% honest with you, it was a little hard for me to do! Part of me thought, “But, what IF there’s a great sale and I miss it?!” I took a second and realized, hello: you could simply go to the website, if I was really and truly that interested, and check out the sales there. Also, I can always uh, re-subscribe! I unsubscribed from a bunch of stores, but a few I chose other options. For example, I love L.L. Bean, but I don’t need a daily email from them; they have an option to receive a monthly email. Perfect. I kept Shutterfly and Ebates, because they often do have amazing sales that I do use. Otherwise, I pretty much unsubscribed from most of my favorite clothing stores. 

After I did that, I went to my email inbox, typed in the store names in the search box and when all the old sale emails came up, I deleted them all! I don’t need my inbox to be looking like an old closet, full of overwhelming stuff, things I don’t use, and old items. (PS. I brought my inbox total down from being 34% full to 15%!!)

Other ways I cleaned up my tech-act? I went through all my music on my iPod and deleted things I just never listen to; cleaned out the photos on my phone; deleted apps I never use on my phone; and I cleaned up my desktop on my computer! Nothing makes you feel more alive and put together than a clean, desktop, am I right?

How do you Spring clean your technology? Any tips or pointers? 

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