I have a very active imagination. I also have a problem translating what I imagine into a physical reality. Example, I want to live here:

I want to live in Bag End!

Unfortunately, I happen to live in Hoboken, NJ not Middle Earth. I know, right? A girl can dream.

If I can’t have the woods outside, at least I can try to bring them indoors. Up until a few years ago, my parents owned a lake house on Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks. Like a typical bratty child, I did not appreciate the place AT ALL while we had it in the family. Now that it’s gone, I am kicking myself every summer that I don’t have a little lake escape to look forward to during the week. If only I knew what I know now. Sigh. Well if I can’t escape to the woods each weekend, I can try to escape each night! Our bedroom is the last holdout in the apartment that has not had one shred of decorating done to it. It’s a very small space, so if we’re not careful, it could become a cluttered claustrophobic mess. That doesn’t exactly sound like a place where one could slowly drift off into slumber every night.

Combining my love of the forest and my love of sleeping, I decided (this weekend more or less) to tackle the bedroom and base it loosely on a woodsy theme. We already have the cabin ubiquitous plaid bedding (purchased from IKEA two weekends ago), now we just need, uh well, everything else?
so soft too!
First, we’ll be painting the walls a soft grey-green (think moss). I initially wanted to out up some reusable wallpaper with birch tree trunks, but the coverings are more like decals and don’t go all the way up to the ceiling! Still debating if I can’t somehow incorporate a little bit of it somewhere in the room… Having a mother who is an interior decorator has its perks – I have an unending supply of paint sample books. I love the colors by Farrow&Ball. However at $80/can these paints are a little out of my current budget. That’s why the men and women at the Benjamin Moore counter at my local Ace hardware store are my heroes. They will literally mix anything and get amazingly close to the actual F&B colors for less than half the price.
this whole scene is good
Once we’re all painted, we can move furniture back into the room and I would prefer to chuck our current furniture out the window! We have a dresser and wardrobe currently. My dresser I had since I was about 12 and has been painted a million times over. Easily. Dan’s wardrobe is actually something the previous tenants left in the apartment. Suffice to say, we deserve a proper upgrade. We love the Hemnes line from IKEA in grey-brown.

Sleek with cleans lines and a subtle earthy tone. The line additionally has several corresponding pieces so we can really mix and match to get the right look that will look great, fit our clothes and not over crowd the tiny space.

Here goes nothing!

Comments or suggestions? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments! You guys have some great ideas ;)

Woodsy home, Pinterest; Plaid Bedding, IKEA; Lampshade Grey Paint, Farrow&Ball; Hemnes Dresser, IKEA.

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  1. Woodsy-riffic! OK, I just made something cool, sound really corny, my bad. I love the birch trees decal and will be just a little sore if you don't eventually put that (or something like that) up in your bedroom. I think wallpaper or a graphic scene is perfect for a small bedroom, behind the bed. If I come across anything inspiring to share, I will be back to post here! Beware.