When Olivia was a kid she has a lot of doctor's appointments and the way my parents soothed that was to take her to buy a toy. The spoiling was of course continued with me-- and it started a bad trend. The bad trend is that I give myself treats and way, way too much credit for doing things that aren't that note worthy. The upside of this is that my "treats" are often overly practical (read: floss and mouth wash- hey! I get excited about these things!). Here are a list of activities I over celebrate and congratulate myself on.

  • Going to the doctor - I finally went today after three weeks of shoulder pain. I wasn't worried about the appointment. It was a quick in and out visit and yet... I felt I deserved a low-cal milkshake after. And before the appointment I bought Olivia and I lunch. And didn't run today because I had a doctor's appointment. Drama- right? Then I went to pick up my prescriptions and spent a lot of money on things like mouth wash, floss and eye drops- crazy right? 
  • Not buying clothes. For someone who has as many clothes as I do, I do not need to shop. For like 3 years probably. Yet I do shop. Mostly online, mostly at Forever 21. And I almost never, ever buy anything. It's been months since I've purchased anything and yet, every single time I leave a store or website without taking out my credit card I am unreasonable proud of myself. You didn't need anything anyway, why were you even at the website/in the store? How about  be proud of yourself for not going in the store? Or how about you just be a normal human being?
  • Using mouth wash. I use it every day. Two times daily. Why do I get so impressed with myself every time?
  • Bringing my own bags to the grocery store. There is literally no greater sense of smug satisfaction than this. Olivia made me these awesome grocery bags for Christmas and whenever I remember to use them (approximately 5% of the time) I literally feel like I deserve to buy all the food because I did something good today. 
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Here I am being very impressed with myself at the International Car Show's Volkswagon kiosk.

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