Left Heart of the Ocean Necklace: Amazon, $33; Right Necklace: Amazon, $33; Left Dress: Rococo Dress, Victorian Trading Co, $160; Middle Red Dress: Anastasia Gown, Victorian Trading Co, $180; Top Right Dress: Sauvignon Gown, Victorian Trading Co, $700; Simplicity Costume: Vintage Simplicity Pattern    

True story: I was in the Titanic Club in Middle School. We would meet once a week, study the Titanic's history, discuss the upcoming movie "Titanic" and then, at the end of the school term, we took a group trip to see the new movie. I had already seen the movie, with Jenny and our grandmother. She snuck Tuna sandwiches into the theater. She had heard the movie was long and didn't want us to get hungry.

Anyway, now that it's back in 3D, the middle school girl in me is hanging around the house humming the theme song. Remember when they used to play it on the radio and intertwine snippets of the movie quotes in the song? Ah, the good old days. I used to record that song over and over and over from the radio to a cassette tape.

And now we're in 2012, and the movie is going to literally be jumping out of the screen at us...so, what's a geeky Titanic gal to do? Well, dress up like Rose, of course!

Aren't those dresses gorgeous? A little out of my price range, but hey, I can buy the dress pattern and make my own Titanic themed dresses, can't I! Also, no Rose outfit is complete without the Heart of the Ocean necklace from a very 2012 Amazon. 

I mean, people dress up to see Star Wars, Hunger Games, Twilight, LOTR...so, why not dress up as Rose to see Titanic?

Okay, now that I actually typed that sentence out, I realized it's time to hang up my hat and hand my membership card back in. 

(No, but seriously, let's dress up to see the movie in 3D!)
(And here's where Jenny comes on stage with the big cane and off I go...)

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  1. Love it! I saw the movie 13 times in theater, had a dress up "Titanic" dinner party with friends, owned a heart of the ocean necklace, and even had my sweet, loving parents trek me to a few of the Titanic Expos where they bought me a tiny piece of coal from the boiler room. No matter how corny we all were, I kinda love how so many women around our age have past Titanic obsessions in common!