Well, kids, it's off to Boston I go! I'm a lucky teacher who gets to spend 3 days with my very funny and wise students. So, what does a teacher bring with her on an overnight field trip? First things first is food! I've been eating gluten-free lately (trying to see if it improves my skin), so I bought some delicious gluten free granola bars, have fallen in love with Rice Chex, and can't get enough of Pop Chips! So salty and delicious. Can't forget my Nook, filled with all new books and fun reads. Also, I bought a Boston hat, just like that one, two years ago when I went on the trip, and I like wearing it while in Boston (also, it's cute! I never wear hats!). I'll be rocking my Sperrys, and of course, it's a teacher's duty to carry the big backpack full of health supplies, food, tissues, and papers. Other things I never forget? Sharpies and plastic baggies! You always need those. I also make sure to bring all contact info, my phone charger, and sunscreen. I can't wait to show you photos from the big trip! (We'll be seeing Blue Man Group and a Red Sox game!). Kisses! 

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  1. what about a bottle of fave flavored water in case you are thirsty from salty chips?
    (Love you,