Here on Lovely we've probably never discussed makeup. Why? Jenny never wears it (I don't even think she owns any!) and I wear only the minimal stuff. In fact, when I was prepping for the wedding, I had to go to the Clinique counter and buy all new everything. But, it helped going to the makeup counter because I learned what colors I liked and needed, as well as what makeup I actually would need and use.

So, here's a breakdown of my makeup habits. On a daily basis I wear Clinique mascara and this Soft Candy lip treatment (I actually keep it in my desk at work and use it all the time at school). Why Clinique? Good question. It's genetic! Ha, sort of. My mother is a huge fan of Clinique, and when I turned about 14, she started giving me her free samples...and the rest is history. It's sort of like how I only watch The Today Show because I like that their theme song hasn't changed in 14737 years...or, it's nothing like that, at all. But that's a true fact about me. 

Anyway, when I'm actually getting fancy, or want to look older than my usual "You're TWENTY-SEVEN? You look 16!" I go to my makeup bag and use my bronzer, the blush stick, and the eye makeup, which I only use because the inside cover shows an eye, with numbers of which color goes where. Yes, I need a paint by numbers eye makeup kit. 

What makeup do you wear? Do you stick to one brand? 
(I only wear Essie Nail Polish...I'm sort of stuck in my ways, eh?)


  1. My must-do is curl my eyelashes and put eyeliner on (usually black). I add mascara about half the time, but usually stay away from makeup-makeup because it just makes me break out :(

  2. I'm a bit of a make-up hussy. I move from brand to brand, never really sticking with one steadfast. I've been using Rimmel products for the base (powder, blush, foundation) but as far as the rest I'm all over the place! One of my favorite lip products is a very sheer color called Medieval by Lipstick Queen. It's true, I brought it based on it's name, but I fell in love! It's great especially if you want some color but don't want to look like you put on lipstick ;)

  3. This post is very exciting to me because I actually somewhat recently started getting more into makeup! Not that I never wore it before, but I realized I needed some educating on the matter. My daily routine changes depending on how lazy I'm feeling in the morning. On those lazier days, I just apply some tinted moisturizer by Neutrogena and maybe some chapstick or sheer lip gloss. Although I'm looking to switch to a tinted moisturizer that also has some coverage like this product by Becca that has come highly recommended to me: On more done-up days, I apply this amazing liquid foundation by Benefit A little pricy but well worth it! I've found their Honey shade matches my skin better than any other product I've tried, and it feels really light on yet has great coverage. Then I apply some sheer powder by Elf (who by the way has really cheap, good products) to set the foundation. I'll apply blush on occasion, but I don't have any particular preference when it comes to that. For nighttime I also ALWAYS apply Maybelline black eyeliner to the tops of my eyelids. I'm not that big on lipstick but on nights when I'm feeling a little wild, I apply a bright red lip pencil by Nars followed by lip gloss for some shine. I'm also not that big on eye shadow but I did just purchase a smokey eye kit from Elf which I'm very excited to play with soon!

  4. If I leave the house without concealer on, my coworkers/family/friends accuse me of looking sick. I am still working on finding the perfect brand, but it's a daily ritual. I also put on Neutrogena pressed powder and blush while on the subway...On rare ambitious nights, there is a smoky eye kit from Too Faced from Sephora that is AMAZING.