Andrey has lots of good ideas. He got me to start running, it was his idea to eat a piece of dark chocolate after breakfast (more like his influence...same can be said for Hagen Daz Green Tea Ice Cream). Asking me out, that was a good idea. Andrey believes in equality, in being an awesome boyfriend, a great son and camping. He has a lot of good ideas. But there are some..rifts when it comes to fashion. There are some things men just don't get when it comes to fashion. I've heard bloggers say this about men and harem pants- in which case, I agree with men. Some men don't really get short hair. Some men don't get nail polish. Some men don't get strapless dresses (they're right in assessing them as uncomfortable looking). Here are the things Andrey doesn't get: Leopard print, Maxi Skirts and Dresses, and Cardigans. He just cannot comprehend why I think they're stylish. To which I tell him that's perfectly fine, throw my leopard print scarf around my neck, button up my cardigan (I have two leopard print ones) and hike up my maxi skirt so we can go to lunch. Just because he hates them doesn't mean I can't buy them...just maybe not when he's around.*

dress, $17; dolman top, $12;  leopard print top, $11; 

faux fur collar cardigan, $15; southwestern cardigan, $14; elbow patch cardigan, $19

*We were recently at Banana Republic together when I spotted a pair of leopard print pumps. I coveted them, he gave them the side eye and went to go try some clothes on. I clearly tried them on. And then he came out of the dressing room. His eyes immediately moved to the shoe rack and noticed something was missing. I was, meanwhile, hiding my left foot behind the ottoman. Until I could no longer keep a straight face. He rolled his eyes. Lucky for him, they didn't have my size anyway.

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