Lovelies, what did you all do this weekend? We had a lovely, relaxing, and rainy weekend. It's so rare to have a day off, completely, and we certainly took advantage of it by cleaning up, watching movies, and playing lots of music (Eric, not me!).

On Friday, we gave in and got $10 worth of Lottery Tickets. Obviously, we did not win.
For lunch on Saturday I made Eric scooped out potatoes, filled with Annie's chili, and topped off with cheese and scallions. They were surprisingly easy to make and smelled so delicious!
We are just about done with our new lamps! We bought these for $20 each at The Christmas Trees Shop, painted them with Benjamin Moore and Pottery Barn's Mill Springs Blue, and I love, love, love them! I'm not in love with the shades that came with them, but I'll find some natural fiber shades soon. They will be perfect as bedside table lamps and really make the room!

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