A very weird breakfast at The Sunburst- basically a converted dining room in someone's home. As you can tell we we're the only ones here. We did not like that. But the food was pretty good.

I rocked a hat all weekend because an allergy prevented me from putting lotion on my face. I've never successfully or comfortably worn a hat before, but this hat was awesome. 

Annie's Country Kitchen was our favorite breakfast spot.

A drive that took us 7 minutes one day (Sturbridge to Brimfield) took us an hour and a half the next day. This was a pretty house we saw while sitting in traffic.
Andrey found a motorcycle. I was comfortable with him sitting on it because it wasn't functional.
We had dinner at The Vienna, a German restaurant in an inn-- again basically a converted dining room (another room was basically a converted dining room, with benches/couches and all to sit on).
At the Brimfield Antique Fair.
Pecan pie square from BT's Smokehouse in Sturbridge.

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