When I asked my mother what she wanted for Mama's Day, she responded with a one word answer: tea.

Woah. Ordinarily, this wouldn't seem like a major life marker, but my mother was the queen of coffee. She lived on the stuff! So, when she decided to give up coffee and switch to teas, I was more than happy to indulge her in her new tea-obsession. Since I was hanging around the house and thinking about buying her some delicious new teas and mugs for Madre's Day, I thought, "Hey, what are some fun DIY projects for tea lovers?" Low and behold, there's some really adorable projects out there! Check out the picture above: Earl Grey Soap! Love it. The tutorial for the Tea-Soap is from Cumbersome, and includes step by step instructions.
This adorable tea bag caddy DIY project (which is something I was making of thinking) is from Handmade Therapy
This Tea Lover's Wreath is from Dollar Store Mom, I love this idea! 

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