Top group: Bag, Tribal Print woven tote, $1.50, Earrings: Forever 21 dangle earrings, $2.80, Scarf: Fringed shawl, $8.80
Second Group: Bag, Forever21 New York shopping tote, $1.50, Earrings: Forever 21 diamond dangle earrings, $5.80, Scarf: Striped Knit Scarf, $8.90
Third Group: Bag: Forever 21 woven tote, $1.50, Earrings: Forever 21 earrings, $4.80, Scarf: Forever 21 woven scarf, $11
Fourth Group: Bag, Forever 21 New York shopping tote, $1.50; Earrings, Forever 21 drop earrings, $4.80, Scarf: Forever 21 striped scarf, $8.80

Sometimes your mama deserves more than one gift...she deserves a whole bundle! However, sometimes we just don't have the money to buy her all the gifts in the world she deserves. Yet, you have a solution! Instead of getting her one giant, expensive gift, get her a few smaller, more well-priced gifts, which just scream her name. Jenny and I love making gift baskets and bags up for people! When you put a bunch of smaller gifts together for the person, it shows just how much you know them.

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