mother's day, layla grace
In my opinion, Layla Grayce is the ultimate store for Mother's Day gifts. All the items are beautiful, homey, and romantic finds, packaged with luxurious and luscious materials. These are my top 6 picks for your Mother's Day gifts, and all of them are under $50! (without s&h).

  1. Lollia A Flirtatious Touch Little Luxe Eau de Parfum Gift Set, $49: What Mother doesn't want to smell fresh, gorgeous and clean at all times? And, I'd imagine sometimes for a new mom, this goal is hard to attain! I love that this set has 6 beautiful little bottles, so she can change it up each day of the week!
  2. Ikat bag, $40: Ikat is the new "it" thing, so why can't Mom be trendy too? Plus, the handles come off, so it's washable!
  3. Jessie Steele Apron Doris Dancing Dot, $32, Jessie Steele Apron Chef French Toile Navy, $30: Some Moms actually do love to cook, so why not let her feel like a cute chef instead of just a mom making dinner for her rowdy kids? I love ALL of Jessie Steele's aprons, so take a look at them all for just the right one for your mama. 
  4. Lollia Wish Bath Salt Sachet & Shea Butter Handcreme Gift Set, $34: If a Mom is cooking, she's doing dishes, and if she's doing dishes, her hands will need some serious attention! Check out this bath salt sachet and shea butter hand creme set...she will feel so loved and indulged with this gift!
  5. Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Heart, $40: Notice how I showed this with my initial? Ahem. Ahem. I love the idea of getting Moms personalized gifts with their children's initials on them. This Charm heart looks so old fashioned, I love it!
  6. Aqua Provincial Decoupage Frame With or Without Personalization, $48: And, of course, you can't go wrong with a framed a new frame. This frame comes in multiple styles and can be personalized. 

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