1. Loved Pendant jewelry, $34; 2. Blue clutch, $46; 3. Gold Lace Oval Ears, $13; 4. Turquoise Tagua Cuff, $26;
5. Thankful Grateful Blessed Pendant, $34; 6. Clutch handbag, $34; 7. Filigree earrings, $13; 8. Turquoise Mosaic Cuff, $15

Oh, how we love Patina! They always seem to have the most stylish, colorful, yet classic pieces of jewelry, clothing, and bags. This Mother's Day, it's good to remember that good ol' mom is still a cool young lady who wants to dress well, have fun jewelry, and a cute clutch to match her outfit...

which one of these gifts would your mom love?

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