Lovelies, Ali's Cohabitable is on a break for this week as she and Dan are venturing back from a wedding in NC! See the Outer Banks behind them? Hi, Ali and Dan! Miss you!
Oh my. What a tired Monday this has been! I had such a lovely, lovely weekend, and today has been so rainy, cold, and blah! Not to mention that Eric and I have approximately 503736 things to accomplish around the house before my awesome in-laws come this weekend. Anyway, we had a chock-full weekend, wanna see some pics? The last one is my absolute favorite!

Remember the Spring Fling Dinner Dance? Well, this is the dress I decided to go with. It's from last year's bridal shower. I wore it with blue suede flats, and I was super comfy! 
There were food stations all over the dance...we got made to order stir fry!
And of course, we ended the night with some TLC. YUM. Can you tell which is mine and which is Eric's?
Jenny and I are being auctioned off for the Spring Fair! We auctioned off a baking day and a craft making day. PS. Recognize that photo? We're so famous (ha).
My station at the Spring Fair: the alumni tent! I loved chatting with old students and catching up.
And, if I had a free moment, I took pictures of myself in this awesome hat from the school store. I love my pink gingham Ralph Lauren shirt, and I'm wearing Essie's Fiji on my hands.
Saturday night, Eric and I ventured to Ikea and bought new patio furniture! (see below!) But, I fell in LOVE with this outdoor set from Ikea. Ikea, seriously? ILY. And check out that price! Sigh. I didn't buy it THIS TIME.
We also went to The Christmas Trees Shop and I got a kick out of this knock off Royal Copenhagen China set!
We went to Home Depot on Sunday night to get a grill...and they were sold out of the cheapest model Webers, so they gave us a higher model for the same price! SCORE.
And, last but not least: our new and improved backyard! See those lounge chairs? I scored them at the Estate sale at the Fair! Umbrella is Christmas Trees Shop and the furniture is from two different Ikea sets we mashed together. I love it! (Now, if it would only stop raining ALL THE TIME, we could use it!)

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  1. Love the patio furniture and think you should definitely go back for that flowery Ikea set :)