From left to right: Old Navy jersey dress, $15, Wellington boots, $21 Charlotte Russe dress, $8.50, Chooka rubber shoes, $70, Navy blue dress, $39, Chooka rubber shoes, $70, Old navy, $15, Women's Merona Zaney Polka Dot Rain Boots Pink, $21, Old navy dress, $35, Womens Polka Dot Rain Boots Light Blue, $21

The other day in school another teacher was wearing a black and white striped dress with black and white polka dotted rain boots. I totally loved the look! What a great concept: matching colors, with different patterns. I'm probably behind on the trend here, but I loved how adorable it looked. Here's my picks for cute rain boots (which everyone needs!) with well priced (hello, one dress is $8.50) striped dresses, which could easily be worn in Spring or summer. 

Which one of these looks would you wear?

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