• I wish that apple juice really did solve everything. Though, I have a working theory that it might. Here's the theory: apple juice makes you feel better/solves all problems. It's currently in beta (do theories go through beta?), I'm testing it on the kids and it's working.
  • I wish that macaroni and cheese was a low-calorie food. Though I wasn't always a mac and cheese freak, I've recently become obsessed. When Andrey and I were at Brimfield we had lunch two days in a row at a place called "The Mac Shack." We split the Chinese food box of amazingly buttery, crunch mac and cheese made with ziti. I've never seen mac and cheese made with ziti- it's brilliant. That night we had dinner at BT's Smokehouse, which was out of this world, clearly I insisted we get the mac and cheese. To be honest I did not love it, but that was because they made it with a cheese (I cannot pinpoint which one) I do not love. When we got back on Mother's Day I was quite pleased to find that with out BBQ dinner (yes, again!) Stepfather Lovely had bought some traditional elbow mac and cheese- buttery and cheesey and delicious. After a solid weekend of mac and cheese, I'm trying to eat other colors- like green and red, but this girl wishes she could have mac and cheese on the regular. Like daily.
  • I wish that my commute took the same amount of time everyday. Some days it's 15 minutes, some days it's 25. Inevitably the days I leave 20 minutes to get to work it's 25. And the days I leave 30 minutes it's 15. Because that's life and duh.
Okay, my friends, what are three things you wish were true?

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  1. "I wish that macaroni and cheese was a low-calorie food." I've had that thought for no less than 15 years...