Andrey and I made plans to be in Brooklyn this past weekend. We filled our days with gell\ato, Carcassonne (I'm addicted to the iPhone version), Think coffee, Mamoun's falafel, Artichoke pizza, soup dumplings, road trips to the Bronx and friends, friends, friends. 

Gelato in Little Italy.

A friend of ours hosted the whole motley crew at his home in the Bronx (I think I'd only ever been once  before, to the zoon!). We traveled with our friends Mike, Lane, Dan and Polina in Mike's van- and we were all beyond shocked how long it took us. Though from Brooklyn to the Bronx is no short distance, so I don't know why I was so shocked. But when we finally arrived (with a pit stop at Target, where I was disappointed because Lane and Po seemed more focused with arriving at the party than shopping for clothes) we were so very pleasantly surprised. Our friend had set our a huge rug on his lawn, there were antique Turkish brass tables, and antique tubs filled with lots of ice and cold drinks. We leaned on pillows and snacked on guacamole, shihskabobs and baklava (I adore baklava). 

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