So, often times I get style inspiration from the people I work with. We happen to have a school of beautifully dressed teachers! During the graduation ceremony the other day one of my teacher friends was dressed totally adorably. She was wearing this long cream colored skirt with a white halter tank. I asked her where she got the outfit and she said Old Navy! I knew I had to get there this weekend and see what they literally had in store for me. Luckily I came across a 30% off coupon, so I was rearing to "do some damage" as my grandfather used to say. And damage, I did! However, with the coupon it wasn't so bad. I ended up buying things I legit needed! I bought two of these new "vintage crew t-shirts" in white. Why two in white? Because they fit so well and I have no white t-shirts. Also, they were $7.50 if you bought two. Also, the white material fit better than the colored. Also! Keep in mind, that I noticed, the shirts may all be labeled "vintage crew neck" but there was two different styles happening there...some of the shirts said "vintage" in script in the back of the neck: these I loved. They weren't too tight, they felt crisp and cool. The other shirts, in the same section, mind you, had "Old Navy" written in the neck in a sans serif font (nerd)...these were longer sleeves, longer length, and too tight! Same shirt? I think not. 

I tried on a million pairs of jeans and came upon The Sweetheart, which weren't too low rise, and were a really nice basic jean. I got it in the darker and lighter color. And, last but not least: I bought said skirt in cream and black. I may have to chop the bottom to fix the length, but it's jersey, so it won't fray. 

I'm excited to finally have some new "basics" in my wardrobe. What are "basics" for you?

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