GUYS. Jean shorts (or jeans), white t-shirt, ballet flats and a dramatic collar necklace. So crazy cute. So easy. So, so affordable. I want one. I will even tuck my necklace that I never take off just to wear one of these with a crew neck t (maybe even a long sleeved t and jean shorts to a summer dinner at Besito or Porto Vivo?). Omigosh- or with a shift dress? Love it. Love it. I challenge you to rock this adorable look, photograph it and send it to us. Do it! Do it!
Forever 21 jewelry, $9.80; Forever 21 jewelry, $9.80; Forever 21 rhinestone jewelry, $6.80; Forever 21 beaded necklace, $15

*Collar puns are fun. Oh come on, don't be jealous. That collar doesn't look good on you. (Get it?)

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