Me, in the gluten free aisle, at our local health food market.
So, in my new Gluten Free life, there's all these adventures to take. One of them is finding a low calorie, delicious, healthy, and obviously GF cookie for an occasional afternoon snack ("Cookies are sometimes foods," right?) While shopping at our local health food market, Jenny and I came upon these two cookies: Crunchy Sugar Crisp Cookies from Enjoy Life and Chocolate Chip Cookies from Kinninnick. First off, two Sugar Cookies is a serving size at 110 calories, which isn't so bad. The Chocolate Chip cookies were 37 calories each. Also, really not bad. If you're going to indulge in some cookies, this is totally the way to do it. The Sugar Cookies were very good; they were mild, crisp, and traditional tasting. If you're going for a not-so-sweet cookie, and more of a tea cookie, these are perfect. There was no gross aftertaste, they smelled good, too! The chocolate chip cookies were like the GF equivalent of Chips Ahoy.  However, unlike Chips Ahoy, these didn't taste factory made or chemically. These were delicious! I had 4 of them for a snack, which I felt like was the perfect amount. They could easily be eaten with milk, or made into a mini ice cream sandwich. Yum. The  cookie was crispy, but tasted totally homemade. 
These Cocoa Loco bars also from Enjoy Life were beyond amazing. They aren't big, but they pack a ton of chocolate flavor. I felt like I was eating fudge! They're only 110 calories each, and I had one for dessert last was perfect! 


  1. I read somewhere (maybe on Gluten Free Girl?) that Jovial makes the best GF pasta, and I've seen that they also have cookies in my local health food store. Maybe that's an additional source for GF goodness for you!

  2. I didn't realise you were GF too :) I can recommend 'Purely Delicious' coconut milk ice cream from wholefoods. When I visited Maya, we were addicted to the cookies & cream one! It's so sad there's none in Australia, I'd seriously consider moving to the US for it haha.

    If you want some recipe ideas let me know! We make heaps using almond flour, soo healthy but delicious.

    Kate xx