For our bedroom, I wanted a very serene tone to the room. The curtains are a natural fiber fabric, and the overriding color is Benjamin Moore's Mill Springs Blue for literally everything else. It's a small room, but it's very relaxing and beachy.

I made the curtains with my grandmother out of yardage of old Laura Ashely fabric. The tie backs I made in about 5 minutes the other day, by using left over pillow fabric and velcro. 

Those lamps are from The Christmas Trees shop, which I painted with MSB. Check out my lovely prints from 1001 Treasures! 
I made the quilted pillows using coordinating fabrics, and leftover fabric from the curtains to tie the whole room together! 


  1. Everything looks so wonderful!!!
    Those fabrics are great fun, but the pillows that you made, in solid pastels, are really so
    perfect looking!!

  2. Wow, I LOVE the bedspread! Where did you get it?