When we were young girls my mother gave handed a book over to us girls and told us that we should read it, keep it, read it again, and then come back to her to discuss. I think Jenny read it first, handed it over to me, I read it, and then we looked wide eyed at our mother for the next step. A movie. Not just any movie, but Nora Ephron's movie, "Heartburn" staring Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson. Let me step back for a moment here; if you haven't seen or read (and I suggest both!) Heartburn by Ephron, I highly highly suggest you do it. As a woman, it's a really important book to read. Rachel Samstat is an amazing character, based on Ephron herself. Further, I can hands down say that the movie is my all time favorite. I literally never get tired of it, and every time I watch it, I see something new in it.
Nora Ephron is a legend, a trailblazer, a powerhouse, and most of all: a woman we can all relate to. A woman who makes us feel normal, laugh at ourselves, and be able to hold our heads high. We will miss her work, wit, and writings terribly.

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