While we escaped the heat at the Williamsburg Antique Mall, Eric was pining away after antique wooden tools and I retreated to the cutest place ever: A little tearoom inside the antique mall! Seriously, it was one of my favorite parts of the trip (actually, of any trip). I was hungry, but I wasn't expecting to enjoy the food so much! I had homemade butternut squash/corn chowder, with a lemon poundcake for desert. 

But, the best part of all was the drink. A non-alcoholic tea sangria! Who ever heard of that before?! Not me! The girl must have thought I was totally out of my mind because I was going on and on about how delicious it was. It was fruity, but not too sweet, rich, with subtle hints of tea. I had three glasses (in that adorable antique glass!). I am in love and can't wait to make it at home.

Here's some recipes I found for the tea (and it's non-alchoholic, perfect for baby showers! Before you ask, the answer is no. Ha!)

The taste was probably most similar to this recipe from The Kitchn, but this Rachael Ray recipe also looks good

Have you ever had tea sangria? Try it and let me know! 

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