Cliche goes that in-laws are supposed to be annoying, obnoxious, and intrusive...but, I certainly lucked out when I met Eric because not only did I fall for him, but he has the most welcoming, kind, funny, and loving family. Last week Eric's parents came for an awesome visit, and I thought I'd share my top ten reasons of why I love having them here. Do you get along with your Significant Other's parents? Do share!
Eric and my Father in Law playing their guitars.
1. When Eric and his dad start playing music, I cuddle up in bed, and get to fall fast asleep to my two favorite musicians playing gorgeous music together. It's like falling asleep at a music festival, but in my own bed, so it's the ideal situation.

2. My amazing mother-in-law is always on top of the dishes-in-the-sink-situation. Seriously, when she's here, there's never a dish in the sink. And, she always is so sneaky about it! I tell her to not worry about them, but when I turn around again, they're done! I'm starting to think she's like Tabitha on Bewitched.

3. It's awesome talking to two people who have been happily married for over 30 years. While my parents have been happily divorced for almost two decades (woah, time flies!), Eric's parents have a lifetime of memories, stories, and great marriage wisdom to share. Not that my parents don't, but when you come from a family where divorce gallops, it's refreshing to have a married couple's (and a couple you highly respect, furthermore) view of marriage.

4. They are so low key and happy to go with the flow. It's been so special coming home from school to find my MIL hanging on the porch reading. I sit and tell her (she's also a teacher) all about my day, we swap stories (and I go to her for advice), we talk about life...and my FIL is pretty much the most easy going person you'd ever meet. Just give him a woodshop with a project to do, and a banana cream pie, and he's good for days.

Eric and his mother trying to figure out how to stop the A/C from dripping water.
5. I trust them 100% in our house. I never realized how important this was until I met and fell in love with Eric's parents and wondered how horrible it must be for people if they can't trust and respect their in-laws' decision making. Take for example how when Eric and I were at work and the A/C broke, my in-laws were rockstars about it and handled everything. Love. them.

Yes, my husband dressed like this for fun as a child. True story: when we got married I made his parents a book of Eric in all of his get-ups from when he was a boy. It was all too cute for words!
7. I love to hear stories about my guy when he looked like this guy. A little guy. There's nothing like hearing a story about your significant other from their parents' POV, right? 

8. I can be 100% myself around them! And I'm not talking about work-self, or even friend-self, but totally me-self. You know what I mean? I know I can be honest in front of them, cry, laugh, be sarcastic...and they never judge, they always listen (actually, my Mother in Law gives some of the world's best advice on dealing with well, humanity), and they make it very clear that they are always supportive and love me.

9.  They appreciate everything. Sometimes when I get caught up in day to day life I get overwhelmed and can't stop to focus; but, both my MIL and FIL are two of the world's most grateful and appreciate people...they certainly make me stop, think, slow down and appreciate my life!

Eric and his parents on a walk through our neighborhood!
10. I think what I love the most about when my in-laws visit is how incredibly happy it makes Eric. They all fall right back into their normal rhythm and routine, and act like one day hasn't even passed since we last saw them. There is nothing better than seeing your loved one so happy!


  1. What a beautiful post! It's true that while the term "in-laws" often conjures up negativity, I'm actually really looking forward to someday joining another family. Not that I dislike my own (for the most part, ha); I just think it could be something so potentially fun and special if it's with the right people. You are very lucky to have found wonderful in-laws.

  2. Steph, thanks! Yes, because, like you, I value family so highly, I knew when I found "the one" that his family also had to be "the one" for me too! It's an awesome feeling joining a new, loving, family.

  3. I just loved reading this ! How lucky your inlaws are, too, to have such a sweet and giving daughter in law. Obviously they feel that they didn't "lose a son" when he got married, but that they "gained a daughter" and that's the way it's supposed to be. What a wonderful family you have. Cherish it and consider yourself a VERY lucky gal !

  4. My in-laws are the best too. My MIL passed away a while ago and my FIL remarried recently, but his new wife is a wonderful person too. My late MIL always called me her daughter-through-love rather than 'in-law' and she was my biggest cheerleader. My FIL is one of the gentlest and sweetest people I have ever met. I have loved being a part of their family - and even extended family - for over 10 years now.