Lovelies, ever have one of those weekends which feels like you're totally on vacation? Last weekend was one of those, and we had a blast yard sale-ing, working on the house, and of course...playing music.

Our hydrangeas! When we moved into this house, in the Winter, we had no clue what flowers would grow...and low and behold, the whole backyard is blue and purple hydrangeas, which strangely enough was our wedding flower.

We went to a ton of yard sales this weekend and I found this leather money clip with my brother's initials on it for $1!

So, we came upon the find of the century: a Pottery Barn sleeper sofa for $125! Normally I wouldn't buy a sofa used, but we talked a bunch to the people, and they were super clean and super friendly. 

Now we have two couches! The new sofa needs a better fitting slipcover, but the $80 one from Bed, Bath will do for now (better than the $900 one from Pottery Barn!)

We went out to a little island (inlet?) off of LI to check out some garage pretty is this view?

My uncle and his wife were in town and Eric got the chance to "pick some" with them...isn't he cute? 
How was your weekend, chickadees? 

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