Lovelies, did I ever tell you about our honeymoon last year? We drove down to Colonial Williamsburg...which, for those of you laughing, is more like a resort town than anything else. Amazing food, shopping, and yes...historical things. But, that's us! We like exploring small towns, we like learning and history, and quite frankly, as much as I am a beach person, I didn't want to just sit on a beach for a week...I'm not a fan of drinking, I'm not a fan of eating huge meals and then putting on a bikini (sue me), so when it came time to decide where to go, we decided on a place we already knew, had been to, and loved.

Now, the drive down there is about ten hours long, with traffic. We were exhausted (beyond) when we left. When we got there we totally crashed for 24 hours. We only had 4 days in CW, and then we were driving back up through the Shenandoah Valley to Winchester, VA (hometown of Patsy Cline), to stay for two nights at The George Washington Hotel. It looks nice, right? Ha.

Well, Williamsburg rocked. Besides the sweltering heat, we had an awesome time. The last night we were there Eric had shrimp and grits for dinner. He woke up the next morning not feeling great, but we had to drive to Winchester, so he sucked it up and we left. Well, we were all excited to drive through the Shenandoah Valley and stay in a hotel near them...we drove and saw them alright, but we kept on driving. Turns out I didn't do my research so well and Winchester is right outside the mountains and not in them at all. When we got to the hotel we quickly realized that the only thing in the town was the hotel. The rest of the town was destitute. It was totally run down, closed off, shut down. Also, very sketchy, if you ask me. The hotel was pretty. It was historical and grand. We quickly went to our room and suddenly heard a very loud bass noise. Ah, a wedding was going on below and the music was pumping through the whole hotel.

We got to the room and decided to venture out to lunch...nothing was open. I mean, nothing. We finally came upon a small Italian place and as we were sitting and eating lunch, Eric went to check his email and realized it had been hacked into. We decided to wrap up the lunch (the flies everywhere weren't helping) and as soon as we got back into the room Eric ran to the bathroom and it became apparent that the shrimp had given him massive food poisoning. This was all within like 10 minutes.

I jumped into new wife mode and put him to sleep (I however ordered a giant pancake breakfast the next morning, for two, which I ate all by myself...) He was bed ridden for two days! Anyway, it wasn't the way to end a honeymoon..., we're doing a redo! We're heading back to Williamsburg...on a train! I cannot wait. We're staying at The Woodlands Hotel, and we're going to do a ghost tour (we haven't done this yet!), do a lot of walking, some shopping, and I'm going to break my GF streak for just one thing: the famous Death by Chocolate Cake at The Trellis (which, despite giving Eric food poisoning is an amazing restaurant).

Anyway, I'm sure Jenny will keep you posted while I'm gone, and you can follow me on instagram (thelovelyolivia) for pictures along my journey! Kisses, lovelies.

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  1. Ahhh so jealous, I've always wanted to do a ghost tour! Have fun!