Over the past 6 months (since Christmas break, when I bought my beloved Nook!) I have devoured a ton of books. Some I love, some I don't. Some of them have been recommendations from friends, some I stumble upon in the library (and read the real book version), and some I pick up from places like Oprah Magazine. One of the things I feel strongly about in life is sharing book recommendations...if you read something you love, let your friends know! What have YOU read lately that you love? I am always needing new books to read! The list below is my top, top, top favorite books I have read. They are from all different genres, about all different things, and for all different readers, but the one thing they have in common is that I simply enjoyed reading them!

In the comments section, please leave your recommendations and I will add them to this post!

PS. Next week we have an amazing post chock-full of book recommendations from all your favorite bloggers!
  1. Certain Girls, Jennifer Weiner: If you haven't read anything by Jennifer Weiner, you're in for a treat. Her books are about real people, real life, and real love. Certain Girls is a wonderfully written book about a mother/daughter relationship...however, I do suggest you read "Good in Bed"(also a great book) first, as Certain Girls is sort of a sequel! (Though, you don't need to read it first to understand Certain Girls). 
  2. Then Came You, Jennifer Weiner: I read only Jennifer Weiner books while we were away, and I read through them so fast! She's truly a wonderful writer. Then Came You is a really, really cool look at the world of pregnancy, infertility, and women. Another fantastic read. Perfect for beaches/vacations/real life. 
  3. Little Earthquakes, Jennifer Weiner: In Little Earthquakes, Weiner takes on the voice of four very different women and how starting a family changes their world. Great and quick read! 
  4. Fly Away Home, Jennifer Weiner: Years ago I had read Good in Bed and In Her Shoes, but when I picked up Fly Away Home after a long hiatus from Weiner's books, I fell right back in love with her writing. Fly Away Home is about a politician's wife and family as they deal with the intricacies of scandal, starting new, and how to love. 
  5. The Memory Keeper's Daughter, Kim Edwards: I know I'm like years late to this amazingly written novel, but everyone should read this. It's simply about family, having children, and what happens when the decisions you make haunt you the rest of your life. 
  6. The Condition, Jennifer Haigh: Haigh is another author I recently fell madly in love with. Her novels are all about family secrets, family relationships, and family heartbreak. Condition is the story of a young woman, and her family, and how her condition changes everyone's perspective on life. An amazing read. 
  7. Faith, Jennifer Haigh: Faith is a gut-wrenching novel about a family involved in the priest-molestion scandal in Boston. It's truly an amazing book. I literally couldn't put it down. 
  8. The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg: If you're a sociology dork like me you will adore this book! It's all about the habits we have as humans, as corporations, and as a society. Awesome read. Makes you think! 
  9. My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business, Dick Van Dyke: Ah, who doesn't love Dick Van Dyke? I was so excited to read this book, and you know what? It's a fantastic memoir! His life wasn't always perfect (by any means), but his positive mentality is so, so encouraging to read about. This would be a great book to listen to on audio book also!
  10. The Marriage Plot, Jeffrey Eugenides: Again, I am so late to read this book, but it was worth the wait! It's a fantastic novel about a young woman as she travels down the road of love and finding herself. It was one of those books that, even as a novel, made me stop and think, and I certainly couldn't put it down. I actually wasn't happy with the ending, but that didn't ruin one second of the book for me. I think that says a lot about the book! There's parts of the main character I think anyone would identify with! 
  11. Stories I Only Tell My Friends, Rob Lowe: Simply put--Rob Lowe is the Forrest Gump of Hollywood. This was a rockin' memoir and I didn't want it to end! Loved it. 
  12. Resilience, Elizabeth Edwards: This is probably one of the most moving and touching books I have ever read. What a strong and courageous woman she was! A definite must read for all people.  
  13. The End of Normal, Stephanie Madoff Mack: Another truly amazing memoir. What a story! Both Jenny and I read this and loved, loved, loved it. Makes you really wonder what happened with the Madoffs and look at them from a totally new POV. 
  14. My Korean Deli, Ben Ryder Howe: This memoir, about Howe's journey opening a deli with his in-laws, is laugh out loud funny, very sweet, and overall a light-hearted read. 
  15. Maine, J. Courtney Sullivan: I wrote about Maine here, a fantastic summer read! 
  16. Baby, Let's Play House, Alanna Nash: I can't say enough about how much I loved this book all about the King of Rock n' Roll, Mr. Elvis Presley. This is a long book (perfect for an e-reader!), but it goes so fast! I wrote it about it here, and I highly recommend
  17. Making Toast, Roger Rosenblatt: Another heart-breaking, but incredibly uplifting memoir. I truly adore this book and Mr. Roseblatt's writing; I wrote about the book here
  18. The Wilder Life, Wendy McClure: If you're a fan of Little House on the Prairie, or of, well...laughing, I highly suggest this amazingly fun and well written memoir! McClure is a fantastic, friendly, and well-read writer! 
  19. 700 Sundays, Billy Crystal: Can you tell I'm a huge fan of memoirs? I loved this book so much, I wrote all about it here! 
  20. Girls Like Us, Sheila Weller: If you're anything like me, then you must adore Carly Simon, Carole King, and Joni Mitchell--and then, you're going to love, love, love this book! Girls Like Us follows the journey of these songbirds from their early days to their stardom and beyond. PS. I can't wait to read Carole King's new memoir!
  21.  You'll Never Nanny in This Town Again, The True Adventures of a Hollywood Nanny, Suzanne Hansen: I read this hilarious book in a day! What a fun and fantastic read! 
  22. Waiter Rant, The Waiter: Another hilarious, insightful, and very fun read all about being a waiter and the craziness it involves! 
  23. The Peach Keeper, Sarah Addison Allen: A good novel about the South, it's a quick read, and perfect for the beach! I wrote about it here; it reminded me of The Help, which I loved as well. 
  24. Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen, Susan Gregg Gilmore: A fantastic novel about growing up and all that it entails...I wrote about it here.
  25. The Clear Skin Diet, Alan Logan: I'm always skeptical of health books, because I feel like they are always trying to sell you something...but I read this book on the recommendation of a friend from college and really liked what they had to say about health, skin, and your body. A good healthy read!  


  1. The Power of Habit is wonderful!! I met Charles Duhigg at a conference in January -- he was SO kind in person. Very humble and charmingly excited at the prospect of people reading his book. I'm so happy that his book seems to have been gaining so much traction lately, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!! There's a lot of good Psych research in there :D

  2. I loved that book so much! I'm a sociology dork. Your book suggestions are great and I can't wait to share them next week! thanks!

  3. Great list. Already read a few and looking forward to trying some of these out.

  4. Thanks, Ruth! I'd love to hear your suggestions as well :)

  5. Eeep! I feel like you NEED to check out J.D. Salinger: A Life if you haven't already. I'm currently reading it and loving it.

  6. Beautiful Ruin
    The Rules of Civility

  7. Thanks so much for this list! I actually came upon it on Pinterest (imagine that). I've been looking for some good reading (as I'm trying to get back into it) but not a huge fan of fiction. I will have this list handy and start reading!

  8. That is a good list. I think you liked all of them though. I was actually waiting to see you not like one. haha.

  9. Jessica, yes, this is my list of books I loved--I actually do have some books I don't love--I didn't love Water for Elephants and I'll prob be yelled at for this, but I hated Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. I should do a list of books I didn't like--but I tend to not like books everyone else does!

  10. Just finished LOST DOGS AND LONELY HEARTS by Lucy Dillon and it was fantastic!! Great characters, great plot, great read!!

  11. Nice! THanks! Never read Jennifer Weiner but have one of her books. Will have to read it sometime.


  12. Try " If You Could See Me Now " by Cecelia Ahern . This was such a good book and it had the best description of how a heartbreak feels that I have ever read (on page 236 & 237 of the paperback ) Dell

  13. I'm so glad I found this list! (Found it via Pinterest) I love to choose random books at the library, but lately they've all been duds. I have a list on my blog of what I've read recently with my thoughts on most of them. My most recent favorite is The Last Town on Earth by Thomas Mullen - great history/fiction combo with a post-apocalyptic feel.

  14. Thanks for the list; I've been looking for some great reads! I just finished The Language of Flowers and loved it!

  15. You have to read Reedeming Love by Francine Rivers! It is HANDS DOWN the best book I have ever read! She also wrote Atonement child which is good as well.

  16. Thank you for this list! I love books and am always looking for the next best one : ) Thanks for sharing!

  17. One of my favorite authors is Khaled Hosseini. He wrote The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Both novels are set in Aphganistan, and they are two of the best books I have ever read in my life! I can't wait for another great novel from Hosseini. Do yourself a favor and read these books :)

  18. Yes! Thank you for all the suggestions!! Love it!