Olivia alluded to my having had a very different weekend from her relaxing, herb growing one. This might be because I spent Saturday morning with a group of friends overcoming an obstacle course. The Rugged Maniac is a 5K obstacle course where you climb 12 foot walls, crawl through mud, jump over police barriers, and find out how much grit and determination you never knew you had. Turns out I have a lot. And here I thought I had none. 

I think I did pretty well- it was very, very hot out, so while I can run 2 miles with no problem usually, I could barely get a half mile under my feet before needing to stop. Throw walls, hurdles, hills and mud in there and I was happy to walk the course. Before I knew it my legs were feeling like jelly, jelly. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes all you saw in front of you was a row of very, very tall walls, and sometimes you're rolling through mud and laughing with strangers. It was a blast. The end was always in sight. And to the end we made it. Scratched, bruised and smiling. 
When I took this photo I thought "This won't be interesting, I'm not very dirty." Little did I realize. 
I was thrilled to to have washed off some, be back in the air conditioned car and on our way home. Also, Andrey was driving, so triple thrilled. 
I love the shirts from the event. I love how we look like we own a gym in this picture. 
Bruised and battered knees. 

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