acv apple drink
In my never ending struggle to clear my skin, I came across Delighted Momma's information on Apple Cider Vinegar; if you don't know this already, Delighted Momma is an esthetician, and I adore her website. She has the most healthy, flavorful recipes, awesome DIY projects, and tons and tons of information on how to take care of your skin and body. The recipe above, and the ones I'm going to share with you today are direct twists of her recipes; I only changed one or two things because I hate sour tasting drinks. All credit for experimentation and recipe goes directly to Delighted Momma! I'm sharing these with you, however, because I really, really enjoy drinking them, and I know they're good for, they're low calorie, taste delicious, and I like to drink them out of mini mason jars, so: winning all around! 

Delighted Momma shared her apple cider vinegar apple drink on her website; this is my version of it. Just to clarify ingredients for a second: I obviously don't always use Evian (in fact, we use Poland Spring), I do however only use Bragg ACV, unfiltered and raw (that's where all the good stuff is!); I also have been using the Knudsen brand of juices (100% juice, and organic). When it came to sweeteners, I was hesitant, as I've been super careful of my blood sugar lately (again, for my skin), but Stevia is an all natural sweetener with zero calories and zero sugars; it comes from a plant. I buy mine at the health food store (I don't use Truvia). Cinnamon is cinnamon, so use whatever you have in the house. 

Measure out all the ingredients above, throw them into a mason jar (or you know, whatever you have on hand), and shake very well! The cinnamon will seem like a lot, but I promise, when you let this sit in the fridge for an hour before drinking (which is what I do, I like these drinks really cold! I usually make them before a work out, and by the time I'm done showering, they're ready) the cinnamon will have settled in. This drink, honestly, tastes like a tart apple pie--it's delicious! I can't wait to heat it up and have it warm in the winter. 

Now, since I'm trying to clear my skin, I wanted to have some ACV in the morning and night; but, I didn't want them to be the same exact drink, so I mixed up the recipe a bit: 

In this recipe I switched out the apple juice for pineapple, and instead of the cinnamon, I used a little lemon juice. Honestly, you could make this recipe with whatever juice you like--and definitely play with it to get it to your tasting. I happen to not like sour tasting drinks, so I added a little more juice. Just a note on calories, a tablespoon of the Knudsen juice is little over 7 calories, so 3 tablespoons is a little over 21. There's no calories in anything else in the drink. 

What juice do you love? I could live on apple juice, but I'm excited to go try some new ones! Have you ever tried ACV? Thank you to Delighted Momma for being such a great inspiration! 


  1. Those sound amazing! Will have to try out your version for sure!

  2. This is brilliant! ACV has so many health benefits. I'll be trying the first recipe for sure :)

  3. Great suggestion! I didn't have juice options in the house earlier, only had my ACV+Honey mixture in the cupboard (its been sitting all by its lonesome for 2 months already!). I diluted it like you did above, and instead added 1/4 tsp vanilla extract. Its delicious too!! :D

  4. Oh, I love the idea of adding vanilla! Thanks for all the comments!

  5. cinnamon is not all the same, real cinnamon powder or the chinese species is way better for your health and the taste is different