Okay, serious question: do you get "dressed up" to go to the doctor? 

Today I'm heading off to my routine cardiologist appointment (I had open heart surgery as a baby!), and I always feel like I need to dress like an "adult" when I go the doctor. Perhaps it's because I'm short, and certainly this recent bout with acne doesn't help, but people always think I'm 15 or 16 years old. Furthermore, my doctor's office is a pediatric cardiologists office, so inevitably when I am there, the nurses always think I'm a mom, and some phantom child is the patient. They always ask, "what's the patient's name?" and I'm like, "Uh, Olivia?" It's quite (not) funny. 

Anyway, I feel the need to dress up--I want them to respect me, I guess. Today I'm going with my Land's End button down (makes it easier for cardiac tests, to wear a button down), black skinny jeans, a simple black bag, black flats, and pearl studs. Very classic. Very adult. 

So, do tell, do you dress up for the doctor?

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