Guys and gals, this week Society6 is having free shipping worldwide (through Sunday)! This means that all of Jenny's awesome designs have free shipping. This isn't self promotion, by the by, this is sister-self-promotion, which is almost worse than self promotion, no? She doesn't know I'm posting these designs this week, but lemme tell ya: go check them out! 
Some things to know:
  1. The men's and women's t-shirts are offered in 13 different colors! You can get your design on any color, and for men or women. 
  2. Most of the designs are offered on many products; even if you see a design here on a t-shirt, it may be (it probably is) offered on iPhone cases, skins, laptop skins, hoodies, stationary, etc. 
  3. She does custom work; she loves to draw! Got something you'd like to see? Ask!
All this week I'll be highlighting some of her designs in groupings; today's theme is: "cool t-shirts" (lame, I know). 

Later this week we'll focus on musical items, cool iPhone cases, and Obama related items! 

So, free shipping on Society6 items through Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! 

Also, check out her new Illustrated by Jenny, where she offers all her designs on multiple websites and items. 

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