The Loveliest of Husbands...I still love seeing his wedding ring in photos!
Hiya Lovelies, and a happy Monday to you. How was everyone's weekend? This weekend we all laid low, which was a much needed break from some of the crazy-train our life has been as of late. Friday night Eric had a show in Northport, and it was so nice to sit outside and simply people watch, drink a giant iced tea, and listen to my fave band play as the sun went down. Other then that, I was so excited because my father let me borrow a flash drive with 5000 books on it. FIVE THOUSAND. On first glance I found about 70 I've been wanting to read (many were recommendations from YOU readers!), and I spent the weekend slowly looking through all the lists, looking up the books, and getting pumped to do another giant book list (maybe an "Autumn Must Reads"?) I picked Geek Love to start reading, and boy oh boy, I'm only a little bit in...but it's a doozy! Anyone else read it? It was in Oprah Magazine as one of Jennifer Weiner's "Books Which Made a Difference to Her" (or something like that.) (PS. I had no clue what "geek" really meant until reading this! Go look it up...I know you'll be shocked!) 

Other than that, I've finally joined the Pinterest cult; you can find me here and keep up with my home decor, style, and recipe pins. It's fun! 

Oh, also...Jenny's birthday is tomorrow! Don't forget to stop by and wish her a happy 25 maƱana! 

Have a great Monday, chickadees! 

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  1. Geek Love was great! I think I found it when I went on a circus/sideshow binge after reading Water for Elephants.