So, Olivia and I have a small disagreement. She is team Dawson and I am team Pacey. People have gotten through worse, yes, but I'm not sure if we can resolve this. Clearly, my sister has cracked-- Pacey is the more attractive, more affable and all around better guy... but I digress. We want to hear what you have to say. Go tweet us (@LovelyOnTheGo) and tell us, #TeamPacey or #TeamDawson?
In defense of Pacey: Pacey is a do-er. He's not a lot of talk, he's an adventurer and an adventure. His action takes Joey with him for a summer on the sea. They fall in love. Blah, blah, blah happily ever after. Pacey is the guy who will love you passionately, seriously and stalwartly- he is a forward mover. He doesn't get wrapped up in emotion. 1. I sort of have a thing for a man in a chef's coat. 2. Remember that episode when Pacey and Joey get stuck in the K-Mart? Yea, me too. 3. Look at him. Anyway, Pacey would be a consistently good boyfriend, he is the type of guy who once he sets his mind to you would not be flip flopping all over the place. Once he worked out his daddy issues he ceased being moody, unlike some people

In defense of Dawson: Dawson is the moral man of the show (uh, who slept with their teacher? Not Mr. Leery!). He's indeed a romantic, to a fault sometimes, but he lives with his heart on his sleeve, and that's not a bad thing! Dawson also is a dreamer, but as we saw on the last episode (remember his elusive meeting with Spielberg?) he does fulfill his career dreams! 1. Dawson is a traditionalist and cares about women. 2. Dawson has great hair. 3. Dawson is a Pisces (March 14th) therefore it makes sense that he is a romantic and feels too much. Yes, it takes a whole season for him to see Joey in a new light, but he's a thinker...he wants to make sure he's doing the right thing before he jumps into it. He's not moody, he just feels a lot! 

Okay, which team are you on? Vote via twitter, #TeamPacey or #TeamDawson


  1. I AM TEAM DAWSON ALL THE WAY. And, sadly, my best friend is team Pacey, but I think that's what makes us work. In college (we graduated two years ago) we spent our senior year watching the entire series. It was nice not to fight over the same boy. She tends to go for the bad guy (which is definitely not a Dawson characteristic), while I tend to go for the romantic, end-up-with-your-best-friend person.

    I am so glad that you're having a week of this. Netflix has recently put the Creek back in my life and I love it.

  2. I am team Pacey. Love Pacey.

  3. Team Pacey. Had a whole entry about who Joey Potter deserves. Team Pacey, all the way!


  5. Team Pacey Witter! While both men cared for Joey, it was Witter who tried to really romance Joey, the way SHE liked it. :)

  6. I miss Dawson's Creek so much!!
    I'm team Pacey all the way! Funny, lovable, sensitive and passionate. The series ended in the best possible way. They were true love....