This weekend we really weren't sure what to do with our free time; we mowed the lawn, did the errands, had Eric's car looked at...but what did we want to do for fun? I suggested that we just head over to Cold Spring Harbor and take a look around, have some iced coffee, and check out the antique scene. Since it's only a whopping 10 minutes from our house, this seemed like an easy plan. 

Cold Spring Harbor is an old whaling town, and it still exudes much of it's "historic-seaside-tourist-town" feel. There's many little local shops, cute little places to eat, and many old buildings with historical signs on them. We hung out in the antique shop for a while, then walked down to Sentimental Stitches, a small (seriously, underground) sewing shop. I bought a "mystery" bag of fabric scraps for $5! (They ended up being very pretty pink rose fabrics!). 

We were hungry and decided to keep on our North Shore tour and headed over to Oyster Bay; another old whaling town, and a place close to my heart--it's where I work! We also hung out in the antique shops there (sense a theme? Eric was looking for old tools) and eventually made our way to the classic and delicious "Taby's"--a diner which I've been going to since before I could speak. We had a classic meal there: he had the amazing 1/2 pound burger and I had their delicious chef salad (they chop their lettuce up, so good!). 

Though we didn't venture far from home, we both felt like we had gone on some great vacation! 

Is there anywhere close to your home which feels like a vacation?

Eric at the antique shop in CSH.

Walking down the street in CSH; this place is so cute inside!

Sentimental Stitches fabrics

My mystery bag of fabrics!

Me, wandering around the antique shop in Oyster Bay

Delicious lunch!

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