On July 6th, 25 days to my 25th birthday (July 31st), I started a project called 25 to 25. I wrote down 25 little gifts to myself, everywhere from going on a run to eating a piece of chocolate, every day I choose one. I try to photograph it. It keeps me honest. 

Day 1: Olivia picked a poem for me since I was out of town! I loved it. It's Ultimatum by Dorothy Parker.
Day 2: Beer and camping is a lovely duo.

Day 3.

Day 4

Day 5: We dipped our toes in, and then decided to go for a full on swim!
Day 6: I was planning on a run, so we walked a little then ran and it worked out nicely. It was very, very hot- but I'm trying to learn to run in the heat more.

Day 7: I left my bag of ideas at Olivia's and when she showed up to return it she brought me an iced coffee-- and this was the one I picked. Weird.

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