Now that summer is in full swing (the other day Jenny and I went to the beach and the pool!), I've realized what my top essentials actually are for summertime (it's hard to think of essentials for summer in the winter-time!). Here's my top picks for summer must-have essentials for, well, the every woman.

  1. A black bathing suit, bikini, or both. There is nothing more classic than a black bathing suit. Plus: you can throw on jean shorts (another essential!) with a black bathing suit and strut out into town. 
  2. A lovely and colorful maxi-dress! Again, this could be thrown over a bathing suit or bikini. Also, this could be worn on the beach, or with the jean jacket (7) for a dinner out with the girls and guys. 
  3. Sun hats! You need something to cover your gorgeous face on the beach. 
  4. Strappy sandals; whether it's gladiator sandals or wedges, you need something light and airy on your toesies! 
  5. Books: This summer I've been reading and reading. Check out my top 25 book recommendations, and book recommendations from our blogger friends
  6. Straw tote: You need a strong, cute, and summery tote for all your beach days, library hauls, and date nights! 
  7. Jean jacket: Perfect for cook-outs, date nights, even going out into Manhattan! Jean Jacket is an all-seasons staple. Classic.
  8. Sun-tan lotion and cocoa butter lip balm: protect yourself from that crazy sun! 
What have you figured out are your summer essentials? 
(I forgot to mention: the Starbucks unsweetened passion iced tea--a must have for summer drives!)

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