Okay, I can't be the only one here who has ever said out loud, "I wish I lived inside that TV show!" Right? Right? Of course right! Growing up, while watching Dawson's Creek, I felt like the characters on the show were my friends. I cared about them. I loved them. I wanted to live in Capeside. I wanted to climb through Dawson's window, damn it! But back to reality: how awesome are these shirts from Port City Clothing? I love how real they look! Now I can actually pretend I was a Capeside Minuteman and ate dinner at the famous Leery's Fresh Fish restaurant. Guys, I can pretend to be a character in Dawson's Creek now....this is big. Too bad the show ended in 2003...I can still wear the shirts and be cool though, right? Of course right!

PS. On a totally unrelated, yet incredibly, related note: they also sell an Empire Records shirt!


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