This is Sam.
Lovelies, remember the other day when I put quarters in random people's parking meters so that they wouldn't get tickets? Well, today I have a "quarter moment" for you!

Growing up, we always played with these family friends of ours, Dara and Samantha. They were a little older than Jenny and I, and boy, did we look up to them. We played dolls, dollhouse, swam, stayed up past our bedtime for hours in the summertime. As things go, people lose touch, families fade away sometimes, but through the power of Facebook, we all reconnected, and it's been awesome being back in touch with them!

Why am I bringing this up now? Well, a few years back their mother (an awesome lady!) had both ovarian and breast cancer. But you know what? She's a survivor! And now, Samantha is running the NYC Marathon in honor of her mother's survival...and she's asking for some help!

I'm running in the 2012 ING New York City Marathon with Fred's Team to raise funds for crucial cancer research, and I'm asking you to help me by donating to my run.

Why Do I Run?

I am once again running in honor of my mother, an ovarian and breast cancer survivor.

How You Can Help

Please make a donation to my run today, and bring us one step closer to a world without cancer. Since 1995, Fred?s Team has raised over $46 million -- and together we can continue to make meaningful progress for cancer patients and their families.

So, how is this related to the quarters story? Because any little bit helps. Seriously. $1. $5. (I gave $5)...whatever it is you can give. We all have someone we love who has been affected by cancer, and you may not be running the NYC marathon for them (god knows I'm not! I can juuuust run a mile!), so help out an old friend and donate a little something in honor of your loved ones. 

It doesn't take a lot to change the world, it just takes a lot of people doing really little awesome things. 

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