I never was a jewelry girl. I mean, I can probably count on one hand the number of meaningful pieces of jewelry I've gotten in my life, well, because just that: they meant something to me. We never got jewelry as gifts as kids (except for my 10th birthday, I got a necklace with 5 little aquamarines (birth stone) on it. I still love that necklace. I remember how excited I was to get it), and quite honestly, I'm always afraid to wear expensive jewelry. What if I lose it? What if it gets stolen? I'm just too anxious of a person for that. Some of more meaningful past jewelry gifts were the pearl earrings from my grandfather, for my 16th birthday. My other grandpa makes jewelry, so anything from him is too priceless to even wear (priceless as in, it could never be replaced), and I hate to admit this, but I don't even wear my engagement ring much anymore, as it's simply hard to craft and sew with it on! But, that, I do love. 

However, there's a number of pieces which are both meaningful, and I actually do wear in real life! Go figure. I happened to be cleaning out the jumble of jewelry bag in which I keep all of these (so bad, I need a better way to store all my earrings!), and I figured I'd share some of my most heartfelt pieces. None of these cost a lot, but they came from people who love me, and that's all that matters to me.

As a gift, Jenny got both my mother and I these bracelets from Etsy; personalized to our allergies and health defects. As you can see, I am allergic to two different kind of antibiotics (makes going to the Dr oh-so-much fun!), and I have an A/V Canal Defect in my heart. It's all fixed up now, but it's still there.
Years ago, probably when I first got my ears pierced (at Claires!) at 16, my aunt got me these earrings. A friend of hers made them, and for some reason, they have become my favorite pair. I always feel perfectly dressed in these.  
My mama got me these earrings in Scotland when she and Jenny went over. I wear these to school all the time.  
Well, the two side rings go as follows: the right one Eric bought for me on our first trip to Williamsburg together. It says in Latin, "you and no other." It was, shall we say, a sort of promise ring? The left ring has even more meaning, as it was bought from the same store in Williamsburg, but on our honeymoon--we had my new initials inscribed on it! And, the banjo with Eric's initials on it...I bought for myself on Etsy. 
And last, but not least: my wedding jewelry. Fancy, eh? When I was getting married I told my mother I wanted earrings like Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day, and as a surprise, she bought these to match. Do they look like Kate's? They obviously aren't real diamonds, which actually makes me love them even more (because I still wear them to things!). The barrette was also a gift from mom and I wore it with my veil. Love it.

(also: not pictured is my wedding ring, which I love, love, love and wear 24/7.  It's a simple white gold band and I don't even notice it's on anymore, it's become so much a part of my hand. Awww. I'm cheesy.)

Do you have meaningful jewelry that you actually wear? How about jewelry you refuse to wear for fear of losing it? I can't be the only one out there with that fear! Do share!

Crafters, do you wear your engagement ring?

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  1. I take my engagement ring off when I'm cooking something messy or sleeping! There is a little tomato dish in the kitchen and a little pink paisley dish on my nightstand where it stays safe when I'm not wearing it.

    Also, I got my ears pierced at Clarie's, too! But I was 18 haha it was my first year at Drew!