(Excuse the pox on my face, I'm working on it)
So, it's come to my attention (through my own thought process) that Eric and I tend to demonstrate our love in odd ways; ways that aren't really 'traditional' or standard. I don't need him to bring me home flowers, and he's not someone who would care an iota about me getting him say, tickets to a Giants game, or what have you. We tend to show our love for each other in ways that may be a little offbeat, but make perfect sense to us. Take for example, the fact that he commuted 4 hours a day when he first moved to Long Island; to me, that was greater than any ring on my finger (though, I do love my ring). But, the fact that he would commute that long every day just to come home to me, meant the world to me. Or, do we remember when I was away in Boston and he cleared half his music studio out so I could have a sewing room? Swoon. How about the simple fact that I actually come within 20 feet of mustard just to make him a sandwich? Get my point? Just last night we were just discussing the concept of spoiling each other; he said that I tend to spoil him more, and he's right (I mean, if you consider bringing home chocolate from the drug store that I picked up while I was buying toilet paper and tampons as "spoiling," then sure?)...but he said I'm hard to spoil, and he's right--I don't eat chocolates, I'm picky with my clothes and jewelry...but, bring me home a foam brush to paint with and I'm happy girl! See: weird.

So, today's example of demonstrating love in weird ways includes a tiny garbage can (it looks big in the picture, but it's actually only about a foot and a half high).

Let me back up. When I began having all these skin problems I used tea tree oil like crazy on my face; and that stuff smells like crazy! Poor Eric would walk into our little bathroom and try so hard to not say something about the harsh smell in the room. And, when I would douse my face in the tea tree oil with a cotton ball, that cotton ball would go into the little garbage can...and eventually the can started to smell really strong. And, even though I stopped using the TTO, the poor little garbage can continued to smell every time you opened it. And, every morning while he was getting ready for work, poor Husband would say, "We need a new garbage can..."

So, finally today I got my husband the tiny garbage can that he's been so desperately wanting. 
So, honey: consider yourself more spoiled than I am, I got you a garbage can! Ha!

Do you show your love in weird ways? What are some of the weird ways you show your love? 


  1. Very cute post! Here's something I did for Valentine's Day one year...

    So we love traveling, wine, and he LOVESSSS cheese (I don't, yuck!). So, I set up a wine/cheese night in my apartment.. with a travel theme. I bought cheese and wine from a few different areas in Europe :). I had a map + hand-sewed the path we were going to take for the wine/cheese night + gave him a recycled/flattened wine-bottle cheese plate. He loved it!

    Here's a photo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/12ohegjhst17obz/IMAG0384.jpg

  2. That IS super cute! I love that idea!!