Since last week was mostly spent staring at this scene (above), it was nice to have a weekend to have a little room to breathe. Last Monday our Lovely Father went in for extensive heart surgery, and we are so delighted and blessed to say he is doing great! We spent a lot of last week hanging in this gorgeous atrium, waiting around with our awesomely supportive family, and on a lot of baited breath. But, we got through it. That's the important thing, right? So, this weekend started off, for me, with a relaxing sip of my grandmother's pea and lettuce soup (below); no joke, the soup was neon green. It was amazing. 

 Friday night Eric and I walked down to the beach and took a little time to walk and talk; so mediative and therapeutic! I love the juxtaposition of the colorful kayaks and the sand. 
 Check out my first pepper which grew this weekend! I'm a proud gardner. 
 We also stopped in at an antique shop; I never buy anything, but it's fun to look. 
 And last, but not least--I am teaching 6th grade ancient history this year! I am pumped. I got new school supplies and broke out my textbook. I spent all of Saturday night taking notes. Total dork! 
What do you do when you need a weekend to breathe? I also cleaned the house and worked out a lot, both of which made me feel human again! Aren't hospitals weird places? They have no concept of time, space, or real life there. 

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