Lovelies, in these dog days of summer, let's do something fun--together--let's get to know our community; even though we don't actually know each other, we want to get to know our readers! For the next few days, we'll be posing fun and silly questions on Lovely, giving our responses, and we would love for you to comment, tweet, blog, pin, send on the wings of a dove--your answers! Let us know if, where, when you blog, tweet, etc. about your answer so we can link you up--or simply comment here with your fun answers. 

Today's Lovely to Meet You Question is...

Who would your celebrity parents be? 

Olivia's would be:
None other than the incredible duo of Sally Field, playing the part of my imaginary mother, and Mr. Tom Hanks as my dream dad. Why these two? Well, I know it's slightly creepy that they were mother and son in Forrest Gump, but aren't they "more than friends" in Punchline? (I've never seen it). From what I've read, in the Hollywood Nanny book, Ms. Field is an extremely kind person. Tom Hanks is a funny, wise man, but doesn't seem like an angry or bitter actor. Also, they're both liberal, love their current children, and seem like very real people. Are they ready for me to move in yet? 

Jenny's would be: 
Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep does literally everything with panache, style, humor and grace. Alan Alda is that dad who takes his kids on a Saturday morning jog to the farmers market. They buy lots of delicious veggies and bring them home to wife-momma-Meryl who makes amazing parsnip fries. They both seem so upbeat and excited about life. Meryl Streep seems like a trove of wisdom, and Alan Alda is astronomy obsessed. Like Olivia mentioned about her two very good celebrity parent choices, these two are progressive, inspiring and seem like really good parents to their real children. No doubt Liv and I scored majorly with all of our parents, but I think these two would be a pretty amazing...lateral..sure, lateral, move. 


  1. LOL I'm thinking Martha Stewart and Bob Villa !!!

  2. LOVE this. I wrote a blog post about this years ago, imagining who would walk me down the aisle at my dream wedding.

    Diane Keaton and Anthony Stewart Head (Giles from Buffy).