Heeding the advice of my wonderful boyfriend I joined a gym. This is sort of big news, because as someone who knew me well as a college student pointed out, I once went on the record saying "I don't sweat. I don't like to sweat." 

Clearly, things have changed. Andrey eased me in- first he had me read Born to Run. He said it was just a really good book and that he had no ulterior motives- I believe half of that was true. It is a really good, in fact, amazing book. Then he took me to the Merrell store and had me try on shoes, which I fell in love with. Then we ran a mile. Then 2. Then a 5K. Then a 10K race. And so on. 

So when my Physical Therapist said I needed to strengthen my back Andrey was thrilled to help me find a gym, make me a plan and teach me how to lift weights. Turns out I love the gym. It's air conditioned! You feel so accomplished after going. And have you ever worked out on a spin bike? It's the greatest thing ever. 

Which brings me to this: I love getting dressed for the gym. I like to do my hair in a fun way every day. I like to wear something cute and interesting- after all I am looking at myself my form. I dress like a grown up in some way most of the time- I prefer classic looks. But at the gym? Hey, sometimes girls just want to have fun. And sometimes I want to mix tie dye, leopard and teal- and my workout seems like a perfect time and place to do it. Today I took some money from my lovely Aunt Leslie and treated myself to some cute new workout tops. And then I bought a bunch of crazy leggings. Plus the new tie dyed socks Andrey got me. I want to burn retinas with my brightness when I work out. Check out the crazy outfit I threw together for my evening run today!

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