Do you ever come back from a vacation and immediately feel like you need a vacation to recover from vacation? I do. Last week, Dan and I vacationed in the Outer Banks, North Carolina with friends. It was needed, but the sun, fun and ahem drinking took a toll on us. Back home on Saturday night we crashed. Hard. Needing a little pick-me-up before going back to grind, we paid a visit to the newest venture from our friends the creators of Sleep No More. Gallow Green, located in the same warehouse as the McKittrick Hotel, is the new rooftop bar embodying the same aesthetic that fans of Sleep No More and the Mandalay Bar seem to enjoy again…and again. True story, we’ve been to the show twice. If you haven’t I am telling you right now, it’s worth every penny. We made reservations online for a 5:30 seating time and when we arrived, we were promptly escorted into a dark elevator, manned by one of the ubiquitous Victorian-era dressed operators, and brought up to the rooftop. As I’ve come to expect from this group, the bar did not disappoint:

The drinks were delicious. Dan had his classic – a whiskey and soda. In accordance with his surroundings, he opted for a rye. I had a drink created for the rooftop called Pimm’s Other Cup, which was Pimm’s, rum & lemonade. Yum! The vibe was cool, serene and a little fantastic. When we first arrived, a DJ was playing modern dance and indie club favorites, but somehow it worked. A little while later a band (with a banjo player!) played a set and it was great and no annoying or overpowering at all. The attention to detail was really amazing. I loved the bar’s ability to send me back to the 1880s without coming off as cheesy or like an amusement park ride. Many people who showed up after us were dressed the part so don’t be bashful to dress in your finest Victorian duds!
Happy Monday!

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  1. Pimm's Other Cup sounds FABULOUS! Need to try asap.