I love getting mail, but more than that: I love sending packages. I love buying little treats for people and putting them together, writing a card, and sending the package off, knowing how happy they will be to get a fun piece of mail. So, when I came across the Foodie Pen Pal program on The Lean Green blog, I knew I wanted to join in! It's so much fun...you get assigned someone to send a package to, and someone else sends you a package. Obviously, the package has to have food of some sort. The picture above is what I sent my pen pal, Tracee; I tried to keep it local: Tate's Cookies made in East Hampton, and Apple Cinnamon Jelly and Bacon Salt (!!) from The Crushed Olive in Huntington. The candy bracelets were a treat for her kids. Also, I sent along a sleep mask, because she's a busy mom! I loved putting this assortment of goodies together.

So, what did I get? Only the coolest Pen Pal ever: Allison in Denver! Let me show you what she got me...
Okay, so first of all, the card was super sweet and she explained where all the food came from. The granola is from Just Bee Cause, a delightful looking bakery, homemade goods place in Denver. It looks delicious and super healthy, my favorite combo! The Salsa mix is from The Women's Bean Project, which "change women's lives by providing stepping stones to self-sufficiency through social enterprise. Women’s Bean Project strives to break the cycle of chronic unemployment and poverty by helping women discover their talents and develop skills by offering job readiness training opportunities." Awesome spice mixes, and helping women? Now that's a company I'd happily buy from. They're also based in Denver, but I can't wait to buy some of their products! And, because my Foodie Pen Pal is so generous and thoughtful: gluten free pasta! My first...! This looks so yummy. It's from Parppardelle's Pasta, and I cannot wait to get those amazing looking Southwestern flavors into my mouth. 

Thank you so much, Allison! 

I can't wait for next month! Want to join in? I am! Check out The Lean Green for more info


  1. Oh wow, that pasta looks good. I recently started living a more gluten free lifestyle and have yet to try any of the gluten free pastas. Love seeing the non edible touches in a FPP box too. I got some Lucy's gluten free choc chip cookies this month so I was pretty excited. Course I crushed a few up and put 'em in another cookie recipe, but hey, a Foodie Pen Pal Challenger has to do what a Foodie Pen Pal Challenger has to do.

  2. Crushed up cookies sound amazing, regardless! Yes, I'm excited to try this pasta, too! :) Thanks for the comment!! xx

  3. I have had their pastas before. Pretty good, but not as strong in flavor as I expected, so feel free to add lots of flavor to it. :)

  4. Parppardelle's Pasta is delicious! I randomly picked up a couple bags at a farmer's market in LA a couple years ago. Can't wait to see what you make with it!