So, nerdy confession time: I cannot wait for school to start again! I miss the whole routine of it all! I miss working with my sister (yeah, sure we see each other like every day of the summer, but still!). I miss working with the kids! 

So, I'm headed back into school style- black jeans, loose tops and lots of dark colors. Everything that can be washed. Everything. Working with 3 and 4 year olds can be...messy, you need to make sure your clothes can be thrown into the washer the second you get home. One of the kids once asked why I wore the same clothes everyday. Now, this may seem rude, but kids are kids- I think he was legitimately curious. So I answered him honestly, I told him I did not want to ruin my good clothes with sweet, messy kids. So here is my school uniform. I like comfy clothes I can get on the floor in. Loose clothes I don't have to worry about pulling this way or that. And sometimes I like something sparkly because the kids just love that. One little girl gave me commentary on my shoes daily: "Ms. Dreizen, you need new shoes. Your shoes are falling apart." (my Minnetonkas). "Ms. Dreizen, you need pink sparkle shoes!" "Ms. Dreizen you look so pretty today, you're shoes are so shiny!"
Chiffon blouse / A|Wear navy t shirt, $6.22 / Jane Norman summer top, $28 / Quiksilver striped t shirt / H&M super skinny jeans, $16 / Forever 21 ballet shoes

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