Lovelies, know what I love about summer? Spur of the moment-ness. The other day, Tess, our 13 year old sister (pictured middle below) called me to see if I wanted to come to Claytime with our two little cousins, Caroline and Oskar. I happened to be in town running errands, so I put off working out until later (shucks) and went to paint pottery with them! We had a blast. Claytime is such a lovely place to spend the afternoon! 

I painted a bowl--those are my color choices. All very me!
Tess painting her kitty-cat mug.  
Carrie also decided on a cat mug.

Oskar, the only boy in the group, painted an army hummer box.

I blurred my face so the focus would be on the dots on the bowl, not my face. Ha! I got a little carried away...

My finished piece! 

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