Lovelies, next year I'm teaching 6th grade ancient history; the beginning of the course starts out with learning the sociological basics: what is culture, history, family? When it came to do my slides (thank God for my SmartBoard, I put all my notes on PowerPoints!) for "What is family?" I went to look for some clipart to spruce up the notes. Well, much to my surprise, most of the clipart I found were of white families with a mom, dad, and two kids. Hm. Aren't we living in 2012? Don't we all love Modern Family? Haven't we seen diverse families on Sesame Street since like three decades ago? Why isn't this reflected in the clipart world? Well, as with most things I get an idea about...I set Jenny to work on this. And, look what she came up with! How rad is this neighborhood of clipart people?! My absolute favorite thing is mixing and matching all of these moms, dads, and kids to make diverse, alternative, modern, and loving clipart families. Interested in using these in your teaching (or to teach your own kids?) contact Jenny for more information!

Now...if I could only get her to make all of these people wearing togas, too...

Here's some of my slides, just to show you how many different families I had fun creating!

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  1. This was a wonderful post!! I Love the
    little expressions on everyone's face!!
    xox mom