For the most part, Eric and I have stopped going out to eat. Why? Well, for one thing, I like to know exactly what's in my food, for the second thing...going out to eat a lot adds up! Why spend $50 on one meal, when our weekly grocery total is around double that? So, I've been cooking up a storm this summer. However, some nights I get a tad bored with cooking, or tired, or lazy, and in those cases, I pull something out of the freezer and hit up the good old microwave. Lucky for us my grandmother is an obsessive cooker, and makes quadruple the amount of food she always needs. Her freezer is packed full of frozen meals! The other night while visiting her I pulled out a frozen lasagna for Eric's dinner. When I was reheating it for him I realized maybe a piece of lasagna wasn't enough food for him for a full meal. I didn't want to cook something and mess up the kitchen, so I thought about what could go with lasagna: garlic knots! I happened to have a frozen container of Southern Style Pillsbury Biscuits in the freezer (note: don't actually use Southern Style, use the regular buttermilk or pizza dough! Eric said they were indeed delicious, but tasted like Southern Style biscuits with garlic knot flavoring). I googled for a quick recipe and came up with this one. I followed the recipe (which is why I'm not going to re-post the entire thing). The one thing I didn't necessarily follow was how to form the knots. I sort of just took each biscuit, ripped it into three sections and "braided" them into a knot-ball. They looked fine to me, and they came out just perfect, so there's no "wrong or right" way to do the knots. Also, I sprinkled them with Parmesan Cheese before they went into the oven for an added kick, but this isn't necessary either. It was so easy to do, and literally took 10 minutes (I hate when bloggers say that and it isn't true, but trust me on this one, they took 10 minutes). By the time the lasagna was re-heated, these were done and smelled so, so delicious! I would totally make these for a party or a pot-luck. 

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